Texting gets an upgrade with Shuv.  Shuv, developed by Pink Stone LLC and Appetizer Mobile, allows callers to use the new Ring ForwardTM technology. Ring ForwardTM technology allows user to call or send a picture to any other Shuv user with a tone or custom personal recording of your choosing, on a free, unlimited, worldwide basis (subject to any applicable carrier data charges). Shuv has also partnered with Sony Music Entertainment so users can choose between thousands of songs from hundreds of Sony Music artists to an upgraded version of the platform.

To get access to Shuv’s library of songs from Sony Music it will cost $1.99 per month.

“The introduction of Shuv represents the first major advancement in the ringtone industry in years,” said Chris Warnack, Founder and CEO of Pink Stone LLC in a press release. In conjuction to the app development was Appetizer Mobile.  

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