Mike Will Made-It has been working hard with his music placement, as his beats have been featured on our small screens multiple times. Now he's being recruited to remix a classic jingle. Coca-Cola is releasing a new Fanta commercial, and the Ransom 2 producer is remixing the famous "Wanta Fanta" anthem for the modernized visual.

According to Adage, the Fanta foursome has not been featured in a commercial together since 2011, but now they're back and better than ever for the company's "Be More Than One Flavor" campaign that will debut in August. This time around, Coca-Cola has cast their first-ever male member, Jordan Fisher.

The commercial shows the foursome wandering the streets of a sunny city, where they come across a dance studio. As the dancers pop out of the venue to join the Fanta foursome, Mike Will's new remix of the anthem is heard in the background, serving as the soundtrack to the commercial's extravagant choreography, which was done by Fatima Robinson.

Mike Will has a history of his music being featured in commercials, as he produced the "It Takes Two" remake that was featured in Lil Yachty and Carly Rae Jepsen's Target commercial.

Watch the new Fanta commercial featuring Mike Will Made-It's anthem remix in the video below.

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