Odd Future MC, Mike G, drops off his new project Award Tour II available to stream and for purchase on iTunes. With only one feature via Larry Susan and production from Ace, the Creator, and Mac Miller, Mike G takes a minimalist approach to the Award Tour follow up. Compared to the rest of Odd Future, Mike G is much more low-key than his rapping brethren but his skills are improving with each project and he will likely be mentioned in the same breath as crew members like Domo Genesis soon. As a member of both Odd Future and OG Ron C's ChopNotSlop crew, Mike G keeps him self busy as both a rapper and a DJ.

Now that Award Tour II is out for the masses, Mike G tells Complex that he is working on a mixtape that will likey feature some of the top up-and-coming West Coast artists. Stream Award Tour II above and be sure to check for more from Mike G.

Along with Award Tour II, Mike G also released the video for "Archer" today, his collab with Larry Susan. Peep the video below: