Method Man

After years and years of countless delays, fans may have lost hope on Method Man's album Crystal Meth. With speculation increasing about his album possibly being shelved, he touched on the matter with HipHopDX. Let's just say, it's not completely on Meth. RZA may be responsible too for the setback.

“Can’t get RZA on board for some reason,” he tells DX. “I’m trying ya’ll. I've  been speaking to him for the past three, four years. I’ma give it to you raw, I been saying, ‘Fuck with me. Fuck with me RZA.’ Telling other people, ‘Tell RZA to fuck with me.’ Fuck with me RZA. But he’s a busy man. And I’m proud of him. Oh my God, he took it way further than I could have ever dream of. He’s like a fucking inspiration, real talk. Real shit. He should just get back in the studio with me one more time, that’s all. Just one more time.”

There it is. Hopefully, RZA provides Meth with a helping hand after the release of their group project, A Better Tomorrow. Let's keep our fingers crossed.