Last week (April 7), Mack Wilds released his new AfterHours EP, and now he's doing something extra special for fans to help them fully step into his vision for the project. The singer and actor has just released his highly-anticipated mini-series to TIDAL, which is named after the new R&B EP.

The AfterHours series tells stories based around the Staten Island Grammy-nominated vocalist and each of the different tracks on the new album, which dives into the madness that can occur when the sun goes down and the parties are hitting their peak in the nighttime. Directed by Greg Cally and Mack, himself, TIDAL has just premiered the first two episodes of the series so far. Episode one incorporates his track "Obsession," while episode two goes deep into another record called "Go Crazy." The series stars some of Mack's friends, as well as other rising talent that viewers should be keeping an eye out for in the future.

Mack has been entering the early 2017 months with a bang, as the creative recently starred in season one of The Breaks on VH1 following the TV movie last year, and is currently featured as a crooked cop in Shots Fired on Fox. Balancing his acting career with his musical career is no easy task, but it's clear that all of the hard work is paying off for him and his loyal fan base.

Watch the first two episodes of Mack's AfterHours series on TIDAL below, and stay tuned for the next episodes to come here.

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