The late Mac Miller gets a sendoff worthy of a hometown hero, and his grandmother, Marcia Weiss, delivers a heartwarming speech. Yesterday (Sept. 11), Pittsburgh residents gathered at the city's Blue Slide Park to hold a vigil for the late rapper, who died of an apparent drug overdose in his California home last Friday.

The event, which local new outlets report was attended by over 1,000 peopls, saw fans sit and listen to music from the rapper born Malcolm McCormick. When they weren't doing that, they were leaving flowers and a variety of other tributes to the MC. The most touching moment came when Weiss stepped forth to give a speech about her grandson.

In a video captured by journalist Karen Civil, we can hear Weiss expressing both her appreciation and the gratitude she feels Miller had for his hometown. "Everybody, he would be so excited, he wished he was here and I wish he was here," Weiss says. "But he loves you all, he loves Pittsburgh and everything you have done for him. Thank you so much for everybody being here. You were wonderful."

In many ways, a vigil Blue Slide Park vigil feels like poetic. The rapper spent plenty of his childhood hanging out at the popular park, and in 2011, he even titled his debut album after the spot. There's even a petition going around to rename it to Mac Miller Blue Slide Park.

See Weiss' heartwarming speech for yourself below. See other videos from the site of the tribute beneath that.

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