The Chicago music scene is bubbling with new artists who are ready to blow. Add Lud Foe to that category. After adding to his buzz by collaborating with fellow Windy City native Lil Durk on the remix of "Cuttin' Up," which got burn on OVO Sound Radio, the 19-year-old West Side MC recently released his debut mixtape No Hooks.

Lud comes out the gate swinging, with 18 tracks of heat all produced by frequent collaborator Kid Wonder.

"Cuttin' Up" is noticeably absent from the project, but is a precursor of things to come as Foe showcases his gangsta. “I’m higher then the stars, coolin with the stars/I can tell she ain’t never been in a foreign car/She can tell I get money and buy the whole bar/Last night I could’ve sworn I smoked the whole jar/F and N, choppa bullets they go very far/I fuck that bitch and her friend like Hugh Hefner/And bitch, I live the life of a hard knock/Have a shoot out with the feds, I might kill a cop," he raps.

Look for more hard bars on the new tape.

Stream Lud Foe's No Hooks, below.

1. "No Hooks (Intro)"
2. "Bout Shit"
3. "Suicide"
4. "Killa Season"
5. "Direct Messages"
6. "Pretty Penny"
7. "What's The Issue"
8. "Two"
9. "No Hooks"
10. "Heat"
11. "Still"
12. "Concussions"
13. "Old Soul"
14. "No Hooks (Interlude)"
15. "Ambition Of A Rider"
16. "Paper"
17. "3 Mins of Death"
18. "A Lot of This"
19. "In and Out"

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