Mendeecees Harris, a cast member on the hit VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop, has officially reported to a federal prison in Pennsylvania.

TMZ reports that Harris has begun serving an eight-year sentence for drug trafficking charges.

He is the husband of Yandy Smith, one of the breakout stars from the Love & Hip Hop series. Harris has already served 15 months in prison, so he actually has less than seven years left to serve on his sentence. And with good behavior, Harris might be able to serve just five or six years of his remaining sentence.

The reality star was charged and convicted for his role in a drug trafficking conspiracy. He pleaded guilty to the charges in April of last year. Authorities said that the drug trafficking ring Harris was involved in shipped large amounts of cocaine and heroin from downstate New York to the Rochester area.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Frank Sherman was requesting a sentence close to 10 years when sentencing for Harris was being determined last month. The recommended sentence for Harris' conviction ranged from 97 to 121 months.

Frank Geraci Jr., the U.S. District Judge presiding over the case, opted for a smaller sentence

"This is a tough case, Mr. Harris, because of the fact you were transporting poison to this community,” Geraci said during sentencing. Geraci praised Harris for his work with disadvantaged children and teens, which may have played a role in Geraci's decision.

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