This week on Love & Hip Hop: New York, past fights turn into peace offerings. Following the ruckus that was caused by Kimbella at Lil Mendeecees' birthday party, Samantha's mother Kim meets with her to discuss what went down. After ironing out their differences and hearing each other out, the two decide to take it upon themselves to bring all parties together.

Sky remains upset about Drewski posting her on social media without her consent and has decided to get even by showing up to an event Drewski is working wearing a sexy outfit. Going out of her way to make friendly with another guy, Sky immediately gets Drewski's attention, who pulls her aside to give her a piece of his mind. She uses it as an opportunity to mention Drewski's own wrongdoing. Although Sky got the reaction she wanted, it's unclear whether the two will be able to move forward as a unit again.

Swift has been thinking taking things to the next level with Cardi B and has decided to let his feelings about her be known now that they are single. While Cardi B feels Swift only wants her physically, he lets her know that he's interested in more than her body and has fallen for her personality as well.

After getting Fat Joe's blessing to focus on family more in addition to her career, Remy Ma is paying attention to family. Papoose also says that he sent their kids' music to Titi Torres, a Hot 97 music director who Pap has enlisted to give critiques on what his offspring have come up with.

Kimbella visits Yandy to put her plan in motion to bring all of Mendeecees' baby mothers together to squash the differences between all parties. She reveals that she was the reason for the commotion at Lil Mendeecees' birthday party and shares her and Kim's plans to broker peace and end the cold war between Erika, Samantha and Yandy.

DJ Self has finally oame to a decision about who would perform on the Powerhouse stage. Will it be Mariahlynn or Major Galore? The winner turns out to be Mariah, who chooses to be a team player and allows Galore to perform her own song. The gesture is a sign that the Gwinnin team is a winning one, at least in terms of their collective chemistry.

Cisco, who is also in attendance at the concert and enjoys Mariahlynn's performance, has decided to take the high road and attempt to mend his friendship with her by complimenting her on her performance. But Rich Dollaz takes umbrage with Cisco being friendly with Mariah and views it as betrayal, leading the two to get into a spat outside the show. While Cisco remains adamant that Mariah was not the reason for the splintering of the Creep Squad, his reasoning falls on deaf ears, and the pair's friendship appears to be back on rocky terms once again.

Drewski has come to his senses and pops up on Sky to apologize for his wrongdoing, but things do not go as planned. Although Drewski and Sky are able to forgive each other for the parts they played in their relationship and appear to be moving in a positive direction, Drewski gifts Sky with a brand new car, but also requests that she change her phone number so that he can feel more secure about her dealings. However, Sky balks at the idea, accusing Drewski of trying to control her with money and gifts, leading her to throw a drink in his face, all but ending any hopes of a reconciliation between the two.

Snoop goes to Pennsylvania to visit her grandmother's grave and has plans to move her body back to her hometown of Baltimore. But after running into a roadblock, she sits down with actor Michael K. Williams, her former The Wire co-star, to vent about her frustrations. Although visibly upset, Snoop maintains that she will never give up on her goal to move her grandmother back to her rightful place.

Kimbella, Erika, Samantha, Yandy, Judy and Kim all get together in an attempt to iron out their differences with each other and come to an agreement that will keep Mendeecees' children in contact with each other. The women continue to bicker about the birthday party that Yandy missed, but things get ugly when Kimbella makes a disparaging remark about Mendeecees, telling the woman that he's the reason for all of the turmoil.

Although Kimbella's intentions may have came from a genuine place, it almost throws the conversation off the rails, but things take a sharp turn when Judy drops the bomb that Samantha has been asking Mendeecees for his sperm. Although the women leave the meeting in agreement to bring Mendeecees' kids together, the tension in the air between all parties is still clear, leaving the future of their relationship unclear and ending the seventh season of Love & Hip Hop: New York on a cliffhanger.

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