Lord Jamar is taking a different route when it comes to his thoughts on the money phone.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know JAY-Z started a huge conversation about the legitimacy of money phones when he dropped "The Story of O.J.," a cut from his newly released 4:44 album. While rappers like Boosie BadAzz, MC Shan and others have offered up defiant responses to Hov's apparent demeaning of the trend—one that sees people hold large stacks of money to their ear to imitate the use of a cell phone—Lord Jamar has concocted a potential viral trend he presumably hopes will usurp the money phone in terms of popularity.

The rapper has issued the Book Phone Challenge, a new trend that finds people holding a stack of books to their ear instead of a wad of cash. In the early going, plenty of folks have taken part in Lord Jamar's new challenge, including the Brand Nubian member himself.

In the Instagram post that started it all, we can see Jamar holding a formidable stack of books against his ear. In the pile you'll see books like Sun Tzu's Art of War and Bobby Seale's Seize the Time all pressed together as Jamar has a mock conversation with the books. You gotta love it.

The Book Phone Challenge has gotten plenty of good entries so far, with people from all over showcasing their sizable book stacks. Today, XXL takes a look at 10 of them. Check out our list for yourself below.

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