Lonr. is ready to share something real with the world. After receiving a couple of Grammy Award nominations for his contributions to songs found on singer H.E.R.’s critically acclaimed self-titled album, the 22-year-old singer, songwriter and self-taught producer ventured out on his own this year by releasing his debut single, “A.M.” The song, with over 525,000 views on YouTube and more than one million posts on TikTok, serves as a sample of what to expect from the Epic Records artist’s soon-to-drop debut project, Land of Nothing Real. Here, he delivers a freestyle for XXL’s What I Do series.

“OK, I’m focused, let me see if you can get the picture/Of a nigga that came in Forces to kick it with you/I been official like referees with the little whistle/I earned my stripes like Adidas on urban people,” raps the “Safe Zone” artist.

Eclectic and iconic artists like OutKast and Pharrell Williams provided inspiration for Lonr., who spent a lot of time to himself honing his craft in his earlier years. “Often times, when I’d be in a place where I didn’t want to be or I wasn’t really in my element or in the right vibe or mood, I would just go into my head, into my own little world,” says the Los Angeles-born artist, who grew up in Massachusetts’ Cape Cod area. “That’s the Land of Nothing Real.”

Before his project arrives, Lonr. has been performing on tour. Fans located in areas such as Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Denver; and Chicago had an opportunity to watch the emerging artist, who performed during H.E.R.’s 2019 Lights On festival and accompanied Souly Had throughout the B.L.I.S.S. Tour, which recently wrapped up.

You can catch the multifaceted Lonr. freestyle in the video below.

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