As evident in all three of his albums peaking in the Top 5 of the Billboard 200 charts, Logic has a lot of loyal fans. Some of them might surprise you. Lo recently rocked out with a young female fan who knew all the words to his song, "Gang Related," at a recent show.

Logic kicked off his Everybody's Tour on July 7 in Salt Lake City at The Great Saltair. Things were turnt. But the lituation reached epic levels when the Maryland rapper invited the young girl on stage.

In footage from the show, the girl and Logic spit lines from the second verse of the song, with the the girl going in right with the rapper. "Hope my little brother make it out/Every night what I pray about what I pray about/Check it, uh yeah, got a son on the way/But I cling to the streets even though I wanna run away/I imagine a better life/Where I never had a debt in life/Hit you with the {gunshots} in the dead of night/Sellin' crack to my own pops/Pushin' this weight on my own block/If I sell a brick I can buy a house/If they find the key they might lock me up/But I take the chance/'Cause I need that shit and don’t give a fuck/Take the chance, 'cause I need that shit and don’t give a fuck," they rap as the crowd goes crazy.

Even when he tries to pick up the pace, she hangs on to every line. He eventually rewards her with his hat. We hope she didn't get a spanking after this video went viral. If she did, it was probably worth it.

In related news, Logic recently added label owner to his portfolio. A couple weeks back, he announced he'd founded his own record label, Elysium. “I wanted to create a place where they can feel free and literally do whatever they want, because this is so much more than just music," he said about the label in a YouTube video. "It really is a family, you know? So many people that support me are gonna support these artists. What we’re all here to represent is following your dreams. Because each and every artist that was here didn’t have anything handed to them, and that’s why I’m so happy I’ve been put in a position where I can shed light on these people.”

Who should he sign first? Maybe this girl from the concert has a shot.

Check out footage of the show below.

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