Nearly two years ago, Logic posed as a high schooler in order to use New York City resident Carolina Salguero's 90-year-old oil tanker ship for his "Super Mario World" video. At the time, folks probably assumed it was part of an act, but Salguero tells the folks at IndieWire that it wasn't, and for the last year or so, Salguero's been trying to get Logic—or his record label, Def Jam—to pay up.

According to Salguero, the Grammy-nominated rapper and his film crew posed as students of Glen Cove High School in order to gain permission to film aboard the ship for free. At the time, they put together a verbal agreement that she later confirmed in an email with Logic's videographer Justin Fleischer.

Considering that high school students frequently hop aboard her ship for academic purposes, Salguero says she had no reason to be suspicious.

“I looked at Logic; he’s so scrawny, I mistook him for a high school student,” she explains. “I thought the videographer was his dad, graying hair at the temples, and his friend was dressed in the [beat-up] Super Mario costume – I was busy and trusted I was helping high school students.”

Salguero's ship endured significant damage when Hurricane Sandy hit over five years ago, and she's been trying to raise funds to restore the ship and fortify her nonprofit, PortSide New York.

A month or so after the video for "Super Mario World" dropped, Salguero confronted Fleischer about he and Logic's lie, and demanded $5,000 from Harrison Remler, who operates as one of Logic’s managers at Team Visionary. In December 2016, he told her that Def Jam would try to get her some funds, but over a year later, she still hasn't gotten them.

Now, Logic's friend and collaborator George DeNoto, who dressed up in a beat-up Mario costume in the aforementioned video, has issued a statement and indicated that Logic will probably pay the $5,000 Salguero asks him to.

"No one there was aware of any "$5000" payment to use a boat for 5 minutes," DeNoto says in one part of his statement. "im sure if that was the case it never would have been used. However the owners want $$$ and im sure when Logic and his team catch wind of this, they will handle the matter."

Logic himself has yet to comment on this issue, but XXL has reached out to the rapper's team for comment on this matter.

Check out George DeNoto's statement below, and peep Logic's video for "Super Mario World" beneath that.

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