Logic stopped by the Rolling Stone office to speak about what he's working on next. The Maryland rapper revealed that he's currently in the early stages of crafting two new albums. He shared some of the bars he's written so far, which focus on the struggles of being biracial.

"I feel the Aryan in my blood is scarier than a Blood/Been looking for holy water, now I'm praying for a flood/Feel like time passin' me by slower than a slug," Logic raps.

Logic reflected on those lyrics for a minute, stating that he felt the rhymes would be a bold opening to a track. He then went back and rapped some more of the verse.

"But my beautiful black brothers and sisters wanna act like I'm adopted/Go back in time when my n---a daddy impregnated my cracker momma and stopped it/Somebody pinch me/Black man screaming, tryna convince me I'm not black but why the white man wanna lynch me/Damn, my skin's fair but life's not," Logic raps.

Logic stated that he planned to before more introspective on his third album. The "Like Woah" rapper said the new album will see him rapping from other people's point of view as opposed to his own perspective. He also spoke on how he hated the things that divided people.

"I have division. I love being unique. I love, in the city, I love culture," Logic said. "I love the things that makes us different, but not the things that separate us. People can say whatever the hell they want to say about me or my race or this or that, but at the end of day I'm a lover of all people. Races, colors, creeds, religions, sexual orientations, I just want everybody to be free and equal."

You can check out part of the interview with Logic above or read the entire feature over at Rolling Stone.

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