With everything that has happened to Logic in the last 365 days, it's hard to believe it's only been a year since he put out his most recent album Everybody. But a full 12 months it has been. On Saturday (May 5), Lo hopped on Instagram to reflect on the project's importance.

"A year ago today I released the most important piece of work I have or will ever create," he started. "It touched on many subjects people feel uncomfortable to talk about. Yes I have become a bi racial meme and I embrace it lol however in all seriousness I only touch that subject in three songs on this album. Here is a list of the true issues addressed Mental health, domestic violence, mass shootings, drug abuse, racism, indigenous peoples, anxiety, depression, suicide, happiness, money, education, homophobia, upper middle and lower class, fear, hate, acceptance, fame, religion, politics, money, childhood, gang violence, therapy, slavery, the universe, individuality and peace love & positivity are only a few of the subjects discussed on this album!"

He continued on, thanking fans for playing their part in the project's success. "Thank you to true lovers of music and those with open minds who have heard my message and spread that message to the rest of the world," he added. "None of this works without you. I didn’t make this album for any other reason than to address the things I wish someone would have when I needed it. I love you and thank you!!!"

The anniversary of the album comes at somewhat of a transitioning point in Lo's career. In March, he signed a $30 million extension with Def Jam. That was followed up by news that the rapper and his wife Jessica Andrea are divorcing. Earlier this week, the Maryland MC purchased a $3.6 million home in California.

Check out Logic's post about the one-year anniversary of his Everybody album below.

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