These days, it's clear that rappers speaking out on social issues is more commonplace than ever before. In 2017, it's also clear that the trend keeps growing. Yesterday (Feb. 14), Logic pitched in to promote equality for everyone with a simple, but effective tweet. You can see the "Under Pressure" performer's call to action below.

On Valentine's Day, The Incredible True Story rapper wrote, "In the face of oppression, hate, racism homophobia & all around discrimination it is our job to fight for equality! use your voice!"

It's great to see Young Sinatra promoting positivity in a world that definitely needs it. As someone with such a large following and growing success, you have to think more than a few folks will listen to his words.

In other Logic-related news, the 27-year-old rapper recently gave a tour of his decked-out new home studio in California. Watching him move around a room filled with top class recording equipment, you can tell he spends a lot of time there.

“This is insane, standing here in this basement that we converted into a legitimate studio,” Logic says in the video, looking pretty excited. “Like, look at these fuckin’ speakers! Look at this desk! Look at this screen. I’ve always wanted this! This is a fuckin’ Mellotron. Do you know how crazy this instrument is? Like this is wild. I’ve got my montage, all these different MPCs and beat machines… I can’t believe it.”

He continues, “Five years ago, I was in Maryland and I didn’t have anything. And now I’m here and I have everything… I think a lot of people get comfortable when they have a lot of things. But for me, it makes me work even harder to keep it. That’s why I’m just really blessed that I’m here… This is everything I could’ve ever wanted.”

Fans can expect to hear Logic's new album, titled AfricAryaN, later on this year. We're pretty sure he's recorded a lot of his new material in newly christened home studio.

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