On Thursday (Dec. 13), model Lira Galore called out Quality Control founder Pierre "Pee" Thomas for indirectly confirming that he is the father of social media sensation Kaylar Will's baby. In a series of posts to her Instagram story, Galore seems to break off her engagement with the Quality Control Music CEO.

After Thomas commented "Daddy Shark" underneath Will's pregnancy photo, Galore shared her disappointment and plans to move forward.

"Now y'all know I'm an unproblematic queen .. & I be chillin. Y'all know ion do the internet BS ...however ...We both knew she's been pregnant & you never 'publically acknowledged the fact.' You took your ring like you do EVERYTIME you throw a temper tantrum. I haven't spoken to you for over 4 days & you in ya feelings & wanna be petty bc I RT'd a fake quotable page," Galore wrote on her Instagram story.

In another post to her Instagram story, Galore claims that while dating Thomas she's dealt with constant disrespect including cheating and more. After citing what she's allegedly been dealing with the past few months, Galore admits that she's tired of the entire situation.

"I'm tired of being bullied & disrespected when I've been nothing but nice to you & respected those around you," she wrote. "I never asked for none of the money, cars, bags ECT ... These are all things you came at me with! I opened my heart up to accepting your kids & your extended family so what u won't do is continue to treat me like you haven't cried tears to me about how thankful u are to have me & for trying to help you work on you & the demons & issues you are battling wishing yourself."

Thomas has yet to comment on the situation following Galore's series of posts to her IG story. Check out Lira Galore slamming Pierre "Pee" Thomas below.

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