The NFL isn't the only professional football league that kicked off its season earlier this week. The Lingerie Football League is in full swing as well. Just ask Tanyka Renee. The sizzling Jamaican model from Connecticut plays defensive end for the Philadelphia Passion.

XXL: Did you watch football growing up?

Tanyka Renee: I didn't. I just thought it was a bunch of guys hitting each other. I didn't understand the sport. Once I started to play, I started to understand that it's really a team game. Everyone on the team has to do their job and win that battle for the team to win because if you're not blocking then that running back can't hit the hole or if you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing then you can't win the game.

How did you get into the Lingerie Football League?

Well, I've always been a tomboy. I played basketball. I was so used to being on a team that I missed it. My friend was playing on the Miami team and she told me about it and I went and tried out. I've been playing for three years. This will be my third season.

What position do you play?

Defensive end, they also put me on the offensive line. My first year I played corner. That's my favorite position.

The name Lingerie Football League definitely triggers an image of hot chicks rolling around in lacy bedroom wear. How serious does the actual football get?

No, it's serious! We're athletes. A lot of the girls are athletes and have played sports professionally. Some of the girls played lacrosse, others ran track. We're athletes. We train about four-five times per week. A player broke her ankles. I broke my finger. It's very, very serious football. We're athletes first and beautiful girls after.

Did you model before the LFL?

Yeah, I started modeling when I was 13. I did the commercial thing. Then I did the whole high fashion thing. I was a working model in a high-fashion world. But I wasn't healthy, I wasn't eating right and I got tired of it. Now, I'm happy and I'm healthy and I'm playing sports.


Has your participation in the LFL made you pay attention to the NFL more?

Yeah, and guys love it. I'm like, Damn, the quarterback got out the pocket and they're like, How do you know that?

After that, especially, dudes will want to know are you single?

Yeah, I'm single.

Which NFL player would you let take you out on a date?

I'm cool with a lot of them, but I don't think I would ever date an NFL player.

Not your type?

I like smart, confident men. Not to say that's not NFL players, but I would rather just be cool with them and be good friends, that homegirl.

Describe your ideal date?

It's got to be different. I'm not just a dinner and a movie. I want a dude to be creative.

What's it like being tackled by Tanyka Renee in the bedroom?

[Laughing]. I'm aggressive, yet still submissive. I'm very confident, secure with my body and I like to keep it sexy and crazy.