Lil Wayne is being sued by a New Orleans jewelry store owner who says the MC skipped out on part of a $170,000 bill. Jack Sutton, owner of Jack Sutton Fine Jewelry, sold Weezy a $138,000 diamond ring and a $32,000 gold and diamond necklace on October 6, 2006. The deal was closed over the phone and the two agreed to a monthly payment plan. Although Sutton received his first payment without any problem, a stop payment was issued on the next $24,000 check that he received, after it had been deposited. Sutton, who recently filed the suit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, told the Miami Herald that he has been doing business with the rapper for over 10 years and has never had a problem with payment before. “He spent a lot of money with me,” he said. “I thought we have a really good relationship. I don't know what happened, unless it's a misunderstanding.” Wayne’s entertainment attorney, Ron Sweeney, chalked the whole situation up to confusion. ”This is clearly a misunderstanding,” the attorney said. “If, in fact, the allegations are true, then it will be resolved. My client is very responsible.”