Lil Dicky gave fans a preview of his “Pillow Talking” video earlier this week. Now, the real deal arrives in a new visual that clocks in at nearly 11 minutes. The short film, directed by Tony Yacenda, sees Dicky and a woman engaging in some strange pillow talk following a one-night stand.

The 2016 XXL Freshman and his company discuss topics like the existence of aliens, who come to life in the video. Dicky’s anthropomorphic brain also gets involved in the conversation, which also covers God (played by actor John C. Reilly) and dinosaurs.

Later on, Dicky and the woman get into an argument over the ethics of eating meat. When the lady decides it’s time to leave, Dicky pokes fun at her hypocritical attitude about animals.

“She like I'm gonna leave/There's just all of these conflicting principles/Right, enjoy your pepperoni pizza/I will, that's my God-given right/She like where is my bag/Oh, that leather one next to the trash/That's the one right, made out of cow, I think/Ugh, why are there no Ubers in this area/So you don't eat the meat, you just be wearing the shit/I'm not listening dude/That's barbaric as shit/Do you come from the Vikings/Why are you even still talking/Do you take peoples land/I'm not listening dude/Do you fuck with the war/How are there no Ubers anywhere/Just download Lyft, they are bigger in presence out here,” Dicky raps

Watch Lil Dicky’s unusual night of “Pillow Talking” below.

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