Def Jam rapper Trinidad Jame$, was today's guest on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Session. Jame$ answered fans questions about everything from his next project, his favorite movies and New York vs ATL incident.

Check out some selected Q&A’s from the AMA session, below.


When are we gonna hear a new mixtape from you? 10 PC Mild is my shit.

I wanna get my album out first because I enjoy listening to it with my friends so I wanna listen to it with the world. Those who choose to listen. I’m gonna be dropping songs with dope artwork a lot more this year. Just for the fans and practice for me really. Keep li$tening....Jame$ -TJ

What ended up happening to the puppy in the All Gold Everything video, dog was cute as fuck?

It grew into a monster lol... -TJ


Thank you guys for coming here, and thanks again to thanks for setting this up. You don't have to answer everything if you don't want to.

  • You seem like a very intelligent person and a nice guy from interviews and things like that. How do you feel about the way that the public perceives you, and how does it differ from who you really are?

The public honestly feeds into what interests them the most. So my intellectual side didn’t go viral but my entertaining side did. When I say entertaining I mean that the person that most people seen on all gold everything was different but interesting. I was just being me. So all in all I take the good with the bad and keep punching. Quiting is for dead people. -TJ


After that whole Atlanta x New York thing, who do you, Trinidad James, think is the dopest rapper in NY right now?

I dont know I dont get to hear their music like I want to. -TJ



So what's the real story with your Connect 4 game with Chance? In his AMA he claimed you definitely didn't beat him

If he said that then we will just leave it at that. ha -TJ


Thanks for doing this AMA! We're glad to have you here. Just a couple quick questions. What has been your favorite track to make? Favorite people to collab with on songs? Once again thanks a lot!

Females welcomed and Hipster Stripclub. And My album a Track called Relax -TJ


Hey Trinidad! What's your favorite movie?

I love movies too much to have a favorite. Spiderman is up there tho lol... -TJ


What's the story of how you ended up working with russell simmons?

Its not really a story. When you doing something right people notice and they are good people who noticed my Sneaker Show "Camp Jame$". Reached out and supported. Just a ble$$in.. -TJ



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