Next up on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Session is Joey Bada$$. Joey answered fans questions about if he sees himself recording music with NY/East Coast greats, which album, other than his, he's most excited to listen to and how he really found the beat for "Christ Conscious" by searching "Joey Bada$$ beat" on YouTube.

Check out some selected Q&A’s from the AMA session.

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My question is: Do you hope to do any collabs with some old school NY/East Coast greats? Also, any cali shows coming up?
hahaha I def remember that concert security always giving me problems yo... And yes definitely already been having talks with Rae, Meth & Tek of SMif n Wessun.....

Hey joey diggin this album hard, paper trails is dope. For my question I'm just wondering if you had one song to show to someone who's never heard of you what would you pick?

Great album man! Other than yours obviously, who's album are you most excited for this year?

Hey Joey, you really made a great album, I've listened to it ten times through already. What's coming up for Pro Era? Did you really get the Christ Conscious beat by searching "Joey Bada$$ beat" on YouTube?
Next for Pro Era is Kirk Knight & Nyck Caution... CJ also working on some new shit to put out this year.... A La x J57 proj. coming up..... And yes thats really how I found it...

Where do you see Pro Era in 5 years? I feel like many Pro Era artists aren't very known and was wondering if there were any upcoming projects to showcase some more artists in the group. 

Whats' one of the craziest things you saw on tour?
I seen a girl in white pants catch her period ... ewwwww

you got dragon balls like your name was?

Song that you are happiest with of B4.DA.$$? Best childhood memory?
Escape 120 makes me really happy wouldnt call it the song im happiest with tho.. Im Happy with the WHOLE ALBUM :')

I'm curious, One of your first videos where you were rapping, You were spittin on a Nujabes beat. My question is, Are you a fan of Nujabes at all?, If so what's your favorite beat/track from him?
ofcourse im a fan bro wth haha.. RIP to nujabes too yo true music angel. Fav beat probable "World Without Words"

1)Can you give us an update on King Capital?
2)What's next for you musically? are you gonna continue with producing? Dead Prez was a really great beat.
1) Yes. theres a lot of scattered sessions and missing songs that we are STILL recovering but hopefully it gets finalized this year....
2) & Yes im officially back on the boards... Look out for some OG swank headed to your eardrums real soon..

What was it like to work with DJ Premier and how much were you influenced by him prior to doing so?  
It was a dream come true to say the least... b4 we linked up I was a huge Gang Starr fan yo Moment of Truth was and still is my shit

My question is what do you do in your free time when you aren't rapping or in the studio?
choking the chicken haha... jk..... I love reading or just hanging out with friends and fam

Do you plan on working with MF Doom ever? Would you collaborate with Charles Hamilton? 
Yes... No...

Loved the album Joey. Who are some artists/producers you haven't worked with that you would like to have a record with?

I know you just got off tour but I wanted to know when your next one is going to start? And where have you gotten the most love outside of New York?
thaat was def one of my favorite shows to date... and Seattle is def a place where I get a lot of love

Huge fan here...what are your non hip hop influences?
Daft Punk, Sizzla, Stevie Wonder many many more

Have you thought about collaberating with Bishop Nehru?
def gonna happen thats the lil bro

Man I love B4.DA.$$. One of my favorite albums. With that being said, what's your favorite cereal?

Was "My Young Niggas" planned to be on the album at any point?
yea it was but it just didnt match sonically...Im gonna master it and make it much bigger tho just wait on it

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