FS1 sports commentator Jason Whitlock is coming under some serious fire on social media after posting a photo of him with a Colin Kaepernick impersonator for his FS1 segment, but apparently, the man in the photograph is actually Kid from Kid 'n Play. According to TMZ, Kid, whose real name is Christopher Reid, is reportedly the one dressing as Kaepernick in the segment, where he is seen raising a fist in the photo of the two.

As Whitlock is being sent an outpouring of outrage online for posting the photo, fans are trying to figure out why the House Party star is posing as the football superstar activist for a segment, being that it seems to be making a joke of Kap's movement to stand up for black lives. Many originally thought that the man in the costume was actually a white man before it was revealed to be Kid.

Some celebrities are also speaking out, including Don Cheadle, who endorses a comment made by ESPN's Josina Anderson claiming that Whitlock was "mocking" Colin.

"Don, some things are better left undone--mocking a movement is one of them," Anderson writes to Cheadle. "Btw, have not forgot abt submitting paperwork 2u. Tightening up."

Kid has not come forward to explain why he is part of the FS1 segment, and Whitlock's show has not aired just yet, but social media users are still protesting it.

See the photo with Jason Whitlock and Kid dressed as Colin Kaepernick that is stirring up tons of controversy online below.

XXL has reached out to Kid from Kid 'n Play for comment.

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