Kid Ink has a slew of hit records under his belt, but his daughter is changing his approach to music regardless of his successful formula throughout the years. The Los Angeles rapper is now a father to a one-year-old little girl, and while it's already changed his lifestyle, it's also impacting his approach to music.

XXL recently sat down to talk with Ink, who opened up about how being a father is changing the way he makes music. He says his daughter loves listening to music, and even enjoys two of her daddy's tracks off of his recent 7 Series EP. Unfortunately, the explicit versions of the songs have curse words in them, so the MC is forced to play the clean versions instead.

"I think it's definitely affecting everything because... first of all, with my daughter, she loves music so much," Kid Ink explains. "There's nothing I can do about it. She likes to listen to music, she asks to turn on the music and listen to certain songs and things. She has two of my songs that are her favorite which are off of the EP. One being 'Lottery' and the other being 'Swish.' She's at a point now where she listens to the songs so much, she repeats the words and sings along. I didn't expect that so early, but she does it. When she hears 'Swish,' I have to play the clean version, because the unclean version is crazy."

Ink now keeps his daughter in mind when he makes music, as he tries to find creative ways to talk about what he typically does between women, strip clubs and more so that she can recite the lyrics without saying curse words or inappropriate phrases.

"Making that song before having her in that situation, I didn't think about it as much," the rapper says. "But now... of course I always say, I'm not gonna say 'bitches' much, or I'm not gonna talk about the strip club as much. Certain things you think about, but it's like... when she's really repeating certain stuff, you're like, 'Dang, I gotta switch it up.' But I think that just helps me find out ways to say the same type of things to make it more creative."

Kid Ink is far from the first rapper to change the way he makes music after having their first child, and he certainly won't be the last. While some still stick by their formula for making hits, we've seen stars like Chance The Rapper and Chris Brown make songs and projects dedicated to their little girls in the past.

Hear what Kid Ink has to say about how he makes music because of his daughter in the video below.

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