"Any man who would evict his son out of his house is evil. He's an evil, disgruntled man." - Shaniqua Tompkins, Fiddy Cent's baby's mother

"I'm a winner. What can I say?" - Fiddy Cent, upon hearing that his baby's mother would indeed be kicked to the proverbial curb (no, really)

Men's rights advocate that I am, I'm typically loathe to give a broad any advice on how to take a ninja for his money, but I'm gonna throw it out there: Fiddy Cent's baby's mother might want to see about finding another lawyer. Because this guy she's got is just plain not doing a very good job.

Er, depending on how you look at it.

I'm sure if you look at it from Fiddy Cent's perspective, for example, the guy could hardly be doing a better job. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the guy turned out to be on Fiddy Cent's payroll, similar to how Fiddy masterminded that incident with Fat Joe and Papoose aka The Ninja from a few weeks ago.

How else to explain how Fiddy Cent keeps managing to clean up in court with this broad?

Take for example back when she took him to court trying to get her child support payments upped to something ridonkulous like 50 grand a month, up from the 10 grand a month he was already paying her. Not only did Fiddy avoid having to pay this skeez any more money than he already had been, but he also somehow managed to have the amount he was paying dropped down to $6,700.

This despite the fact that it had recently been announced that Fiddy had pocketed $400 million (or was it $100 million) from the sale of Vitamin Water to Coca-Cola.

Shit, he was probably glad she even raised the issue in the first place. He might even consider taking her to court again, though I doubt he'd want to press his luck. Getting shot nine times and living to tell about it is one thing, but walking out of family court with anything other than the shirt on your back is a whole separate matter entirely.

As part of the agreement in which her child support payments were reduced to $6,700 a month, Fiddy's baby's mother was ordered to vacate the house she had been living in and find another place, using part of said $6,700. I would imagine the tentative housing arrangement they had before went sour when she had the sheer balls to try to take him to court for $50,000 a month.

Also, supposedly, she had other jigs living in the house with her - which is just wrong on so many levels. Imagine if you were sending a broad a check for several thousands of dollars a month, just to have her doing the nasty with some guy upstairs in the house that you own, while your son is downstairs trying to learn his ABCs.

I was still kinda surprised though that Fiddy succeeded in having this skank kicked to the curb. Not that she had any real claim to the house other than the fact that she had been squatting there for years, but you know how fucked up the family court system is in this country. I'm surprised they didn't order Fiddy to sign the house over to her.

Instead, not only does she have to pack her shit and get the fuck out, but she was also ordered to pay him $9,000 for his trouble - presumably out of the $6,700 he sends her each month. (Though if I was him, I'd be a nice guy and deduct that $9,000 from future payments. Or shit, maybe even let me play with her huge cans and call it even.)


Ladies, if there's a lesson to be learned here, it's that there's not always an economic future in constantly antagonizing a man. Fiddy Cent's baby's mother was receiving $10,000 a month from him, and living in his house rent-free, but that just wasn't enough for her. So she had to take him to court to extract even more blood money from him, and look what happened.

If I was him, I would've brought up the fact that she was letting other jigs hit it while the poor kid was in the house and tried to gain custody, on some K-Fed shit. What do you fruits think?

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