Kamila “Kami” Abdulhalim is not your average Eye Candy.

When speaking to XXL, the first thing she did was apologize for her raspy voice, explaining that she lost it the night before screaming for her native Red Wings, Detroit's hockey team in the Stanley Cup play-offs. Her love for hockey is just one of many of this industry veteran’s quirks. The culturally-mixed cutie (Israeli, French, Black, Native-American and Irish) is a former-blogger (Blacksportsonline.com) and freelance writer who is currently penning a trilogy about an epic mythological fantasy (no, sadly it’s not that kind of fantasy).

While her book is more Lord of the Rings than Zane’s Sex Chronicles, don't think the 5’8" beauty doesnt have a freaky side to offset her geeky outer-shell.

XXLMag.com took a moment to catch up with the model who tells us all about her favorite sexual fantasy, why she never does music videos and where her favorite spot to bag potential guys is. Calvin Stovall

AGE: 31

REPS: Detroit, MI (Westside)

HEIGHT: 5’8"

STATS: 36C – 28 – 42

DAY JOB: Writer, Mentor for “The Core Models”

XXL: When did you start modeling?

Kami: When I was younger I never took pictures because I was so shy. I had big glasses [and] I didn’t have name brand clothes or anything like that [but] everybody always told me they always liked my smile and I needed to take more pictures. When I started modeling, it gave me a chance to kind of dress up. I saw the potential in myself [and] I’m like, “Oh, this is kind of cool.” At first I was just taking pictures for myself, but then a couple people saw my pictures and I started getting paid jobs to do promotional modeling. [That] allowed me to do was go beyond urban glamour [and] meet other people in different aspects of the entertainment industry… That’s why I really like modeling, I get a chance to meet people I know in my everyday life I would never encounter.

You got your big break in 2004 appearing in KING Magazine and appeared in a number of mags the following few years. What has your career been like since then?

Kami: I’ve done a lot of promotional modeling. I took three years off because... My family was going through a tough time, so me being the only stable person, I was asked to take care of my niece. I just really got started back [modeling] this year.

What do you do as a promotional model?

Kami: The promotional modeling I do, I do national events. So, I’m one of those people if you go to the state fair in your town and you see XBOX come out and there are people demonstrating how to play the new XBOX game, that’s what I do… I like doin’ the fun stuff. I do XBOX because I love playing video games.

So, in all of your years in the industry you’ve never done any videos?

Kami: I’ve never been in any videos. That’s one thing I never did because I don’t know how to dance so I never even tried to get in a video before… If I was to ever do a video, I would love to be in Ne-Yo’s videos because it seems like the models he selects actually get a little bit of acting in. His videos tell a story, and I think that’s more interesting than having a video where all girls do is just shake their butts. It’s a little bit more interesting.

You’re writing an epic fantasy novel about Middle Eastern mythology, what is your epic fantasy in the bedroom?

Kami: [Laughs] My ultimate fantasy would be to select a guy in a crowd of people and just grab him and just tongue him down in front of everybody and strip him.

Oh shit, have you ever done that before?

Kami: Nah, I always wanted to, but I’m too shy to actually pull that off.

Okay, so you’re also a big hockey fan?

Kami: Well, I’m from Detroit, and everybody knows Detroit is [a] hockey town. Hockey here is king. The only sport that’s more popular than hockey is football. I’ve always been a tomboy, so I played fast-pitch softball since I was eight-years-old, up until I was in college. I’ve always been involved in sports: Basketball, football, hockey, soccer— I love it all.

And video games?

Kami: I got into video games late because I’m Muslim, so my parents are really strict. We couldn’t play violent games like that. I into video games [when] I was like a senior in high school. I’ve always liked games like Mortal Combat and Killer Instinct.

Has your faith affected your career as a model in any way?

Kami: I’m still a practicing Muslim. A lot of people see my pictures and they think that’s how I dress all the time. They don’t know when I’m not modeling I actually cover up and everything. But when you grow up in that environment, you’re definitely more conscientious than other girls of how you’re perceived. So I think that’s what’s helped me maintain my reputation being in the industry so long because it’s why I’m never getting in any drama or any gossip or anything…. Of course my parents weren’t pleased (when I started) because as a Muslim you’re taught to be modest. However, they also respected the fact that I was grown and had to make my own decisions. So while they may not approve of it, they don’t disown me or anything like that. There is always somebody in the community that always looks down upon others, but my parents raised me with a very strong will, so I really don’t care what other people think of me as long as I’m good with it.

Are you dating right now?

Kami: I’m actually single right now, but I would love to be in a relationship. A guy that I’m [actually] interested in has not come along yet.

What kind of guy would you be interested in?

Kami: I don’t really like dating industry guys because I’m friends with a lot of industry guys and they’re around too much— I mean, every guy has temptation, but I think it’s more so in the industry. And me being a true Scorpio, I cannot deal with that. I would rather date a regular guy. The kind of guy that I’m interested in he has to have a sense of self. I don’t like people that are followers, I like leaders. He has to be knowledgeable of current events, because like I said before, I’m kind of a geek. I like talking about politics and religion and things like that. I can’t really date somebody that if I bring up a subject they just give me a blank stare or something.

You said you’re a true Scorpio, what did you mean by that?

Kami: I have two modes: I’m extremely happy or I’m extremely upset. If I’m upset, you want to clear the way. [And] if I am dating somebody, I’m very possessive and I do get jealous easily. I’m [also] really loyal. So if I’m dating somebody then that’s the only person I’m interested in. It’s like tunnel vision.

You said you were shy, but could you describe you personality in the bedroom? Are you equally shy there?

Kami: That’s different because in that space. It’s only me and that guy that I’m interested in. So, when that happens, it’s no holds barred— whatever goes. If I’m with a guy, I’m trying to please him. So as long as that doesn’t involve another party, I’m down to do it. It’s funny because I’m so shy, so when the guy gets to know me they think I’m gonna be timid. I like shocking people, so I guess that’s part of it, too. So when I become aggressive in the bed, it just adds to the excitement because they don’t see that coming.

What’s a specific way you’ve shocked a guy in the past?

Kami: Well, I’m tall. I guess when they see me they don’t expect me to be so tall without heels. [And] because I’m shy, they don’t know that I’m kind of a tomboy or whatever. So when we get in the bedroom they think I’m shy and timid. I remember my last boyfriend, he told me get on the bed. So when he came on the bed and he was coming to press against me, I flipped him over (Laughs) and got on top and pinned him [down]. He was like, “you did that so quick!” (Laughs). I like when people surprise me, so I try to return that favor.

Where do you usually meet men?

Kami: It’s so weird, I usually meet guys at work or when I go to the grocery store. My favorite place in the world is Borders bookstore, I always meet guys at Borders for some reason… I’m usually in the history section or the epic fantasy section. And you don’t really see too many girls in those sections. So usually a guy when they see me they think I don’t know what I’m doing or something like that. So they may jokingly say something like, “Do you need help?”