On Thursday (March 28), a clip of the news team at WTOL in Toledo, Ohio went viral after the group tried to spice up their coverage by throwing in an awkward amount of urban slang. Producer Just Blaze saw the video on Friday (March 29) for the first time while he was a guest on MSNBC's The Beat With Ari Melber and his reaction was hilarious.

Just was brought on the show for the #FallBackFriday segment where he initially admonished big game hunters. The topic quickly turned to the Toledo news crew whose slang-filled video has brought condemnation from some. Just hadn't seen the video prior to the interview and he was genuinely and visibly confused. During most of the duration of the clip, the producer sat with his mouth agape. At one point, he rubbed his nose in disbelief.

"How did I miss that?" Just questioned after the clip was over. "Oh my God. I know we talked about this earlier but I didn't expect it to be that cringe-worthy."

The hit-making beatsmith offered some advice to the previously ill-advised crew. "Just stay in your lane," he said. "Ultimately, my contemporaries, I'm not like most of them. In a sense that my interests are different. My hobbies are different. My regular everyday life is different. But there's no love lost in that. Our differences all make us special and what makes our collaborative efforts work. That! I don't know what to call that."

Check out Just's full reaction below.

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