Back in 2012, Juicy J took radio stations, nightclubs, and strip clubs by storm when he dropped his chart-topping hit "Bandz A Make Her Dance" featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. While that song still has the power to turn up any occasion, not everyone is excited about the success of the track. According to a report on The Jasmine Brand, Creative Dreams Productions and Mahad Dar, the principal photographer from the song's video shoot, are suing Juicy J and Columbia Records for stealing and releasing footage from the shoot without his permission.

After a miscommunication on whether or not Lil Wayne would make it to the video shoot, Creative Dreams Productions claim they lost the venue because they assumed the shoot was cancelled. Ultimately, the shoot took place on August 26. According to the lawsuit, Dar is the sole owner of the video footage from the shoot and until they (Juicy J and Dar) were able to come to a formal agreement about payment he would keep those right.

Dar says a settlement was never reached with the rapper and Columbia Records released the song without his permission. Dar is suing Juicy J and Columbia Records for copyright infringement and demand a restraint against the rapper selling the song. Dar also expects them to return the video, as well as, profit from the earning it's made thus far.