Rapper Ju-Ju, one half of Queens, NY based duo The Beatnuts, was arrested following a performance in Stockholm, Sweden on Thursday night (December 13). According to Sweden’s The Local, Ju-Ju—whose real name is Jerry Tineo—was taken into custody and charged with assault after a minor fight broke out following the group’s set at the Debaser Medis venue. Police spokesman Bo Olsson told The Local that the charges were relatively minor and had the rapper been a Swedish citizen, he would have been released the same night. However, since he is considered a possible flight risk, Ju-Ju could be held for as long as 36 hours. Olsson also noted that the rapper has denied committing any offense. Annelie Åkerstedt, managing director of Debaser Medis, disputed the MC’s account that the show’s security guards had not fulfilled their duties. "That's pure bullshit. The security did the job they are supposed to do. They didn't let anybody backstage who wasn't supposed to be there. They intervened quickly and called the police, exactly as they should," Åkerstedt told the Swedish paper Expessen.