Joey Purp and Chance The Rapper take their shenanigans to the race track in the new video for "Girls @." The guys dropped the video for the track today (Sept. 21) and even recruited their friends and fellow musicians Knox Fortune and Towkio to get in on the fun.

"She takin' photos of me/That she carry all around like rosaries/She say she never did it with the lights on/Baby we gon' see/She SoCal, she NoHo/She know Smoke, she know Towk/She know Chance, she know Vic/She know gang, she goin' go/Where your heels? Where your clothes?," raps Joey to his female fan girl.

Produced by Knox Fortune and Peter Cottontale, "Girls @" is the feel-good standout from Joey's 2016 mixtape iiiDrops which dropped at the top of the summer.

When XXL featured Purp on The Come-Up earlier this year, the curly-haired MC credited his SaveMoney cohorts with inspiring him to rap.

"When I saw the reaction that kids had to the music that my friends were making that I was involved in, when I saw the reaction to the movement I was like, "we’re doing something here," said Joey. "I was 18,19 years old. I was super shy about rapping [at first]. I didn’t want to record because I was scared to fail. I just freestyle with my friends but I was too scared to write some shit and record it because I didn’t want it to be bad and I didn’t want to look like I tried and fucked up. I didn’t want to look silly. But then after I got over that I realize playas fuck up."

Peep the video for Purps "Girls @" and if you need a refresher on SaveMoney, check out the XXL feature on the crew here.

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