On Monday night (April 3), Joey Bada$$ took his political message to the stage when he performed his All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ single "Land of the Free" on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Draped in a red-and-blue bandana version of the American flag, the "Victory" performer spit his heartfelt message about the need for transformation in the U.S.

"Sometimes I speak and I feel like it ain't my words/Like I'm just a vessel channeling inside this universe/I feel my ancestors unrested inside of me/It's like they want me to shoot my chance in changing society," Joey rapped as he walked the stage under the glow of blue and red lights.

It's appropriate that Joey finished the performance on one knee, since "Land of the Free" is basically a plea for Americans to acknowledge the crimes of the U.S. and take steps to erase inequality. For their part, the audience was definitely feeling Joey's performance, as the Pro Era MC was met with a hearty applause as he ended the song. You can check out the performance for yourself below.

The Late Show audience might have enjoyed his show, but Joey actually believes his new music could get him into trouble in the music industry. He said as much in a recent interview on Pharrell and and Scott Vener’s OTHERtone podcast

“If certain things don’t happen, then I’m like… I’m pretty convinced that like, I might be blacklisted or something like that," Joey explained after Pharrell asked him about the content of his forthcoming album.

Joey went on to say that he'd be tackling issues most other rappers stray away from. You can check out the full extent of Joey's message when ABBA finally drops this Friday (April 7). You can pre-order the project on iTunes now.

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