Jimmy Fallon is bringing The Tonight Show back to Los Angeles for a special week of shows. Of course, he had to do it in style. And if there is one song that screams 'Go West, young man' to those born after the second World War, there's no doubt what it is: the theme song from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

Fallon's West Philly is Manhattan, but everything from the beloved opener has a direct analogue. From shooting hoops with The Roots to stealing clothes from his local roller derby team's practice, Fallon is faithful to the Will Smith-helmed original down to the formation of his fingers for the critical cab whistle. And some things simply can't be replaced: Alfonso Ribeiro himself shows up to join in the dance he made famous as the show's Carlton Banks.

But the real surprise pulled up in a cab (about 7 or 8). The taxi with "HOST" on the license plate was driven by none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff. The winner of the first rap Grammy, Will Smith's partner, legend at large--and now, Fallon's chauffeur. Who else to trust to bring one of the most storied, institution-large shows in America back home?

Will Smith did not make a cameo in the recreation, but he will be a guest on The Tonight Show this Thursday (Feb. 5). Joining him will be Jack White and Rosamund Pike; other scheduled guests this week include Kobe Bryant, Jennifer Lopez, Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Young.