Jidenna has joined the ranks of countless celebrities, artists and athletes utilizing their social media platforms to let President Trump know that his recent commentary bashing the NFL and NBA will not be tolerated.

Taking to Instagram, the "Classic Man" creator shared his own two cents on the matter, first having a laugh and reflecting that Trump really did take it there this past Friday (Sept. 22).

After the president publicly called for the "sons of bitches" in the NFL who don't stand for the national anthem to be fired during a rally in Huntsville, Ala., and later continuing to spread his unpopular opinion on Twitter, the nation reacted accordingly, with dozens kneeling during the national anthem on football Sunday (Sept. 24), a move that Jidenna supports.

"You know you done fucked up right," the 32-year-old begins, cracking up. "You don't pick the blackest ass fucking sports. You don't pick NFL and NBA. You should've picked hockey or golf. You can't a start a war with people. The athletes of today are wiser than ever, they're stronger than ever, they make more money than ever and you gonna go after us?"

After a brief pause, Jidenna dives back into his passionate commentary, adding that he is proud of those who are taking a stand against racism and oppression by way of taking a knee.

"I'm so proud of the soldiers, the comrades," he continues. "I'm proud of what Colin Kaepernick has done in being a trailblazer. I'm proud of what I'm hearing athletes, players, coaches doing right now. It's remarkable. This motherfucker is gonna make America great again inadvertently. He ain't even doing it on purpose. That's the byproduct, motherfucker. It's physics. Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction, motherfucker."

Russell Simmons, J. Cole, Diddy and countless others in the hip-hop community have taken to social media to react to Trump's divisive comments about the NBA and NFL respectively. Take a look at Jidenna weighing in on the matter below.

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