Jidenna's debut LP finally has a release date. The "Classic Man" rapper announced that his long awaited album The Chief will be released on Feb. 17.

The Wisconsin native unveiled the release date on Instagram. The promotional video shows Jidenna walking through the streets with admirers following his lead while the single "Long Live the Chief" plays.

The Chief's release has been a long time coming. "Long Live the Chief" was first released in December 2015. The album was originally due out in late 2016, but the LP obviously did not drop as planned. Jidenna even held a listening party for the project all the way back in August 2016.

Jidenna's album is an ode to his father, a professor who helped design Africa’s first personal computer. The project will also tackle many political and societal issues, which will be more relevant than ever now that Donald Trump is the President of U.S.

“It feels good to be done and have something that will not just change this world, not just this era but eras to come,” Jidenna said. “I believe what Wondaland is doing is creating depth.”

Jidenna gave fans a preview of his upcoming album earlier this week with the release of his new track "The Let Out" featuring Migos member Quavo. The single dropped internationally last night (Feb. 2), but can now be streamed on Apple Music in the U.S. If you are Apple subscriber, you can listen to "The Let Out" below.

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