Jidenna stopped through The Late Show with Stephen Colbert looking as dapper as he always does and performed “Bambi,” a track off of his recently dropped album The Chief.

Hitting the stage sweating excessively but still well dressed and presentable, Jidenna performed the song “Bambi.” This slow but exceptionally catchy record finds Jidenna expressing the love he has for the woman in his life. In true Jidenna fashion, he slowly paraded back and forth across the stage harmonizing the lyrics.

“Oh Bambi I won’t lie/If i weren't in this spider web of mine/If grandfather never had seven wives/Then darling you’ll be the love of my life,” the musician sings. “Oh Bambi it’s my design/To run the jungle I must be a lion/Or be a cheetah but either is fine/Don’t want to hurt my dear love of my life.”

The Epic Records signee has been turning a lot of heads these last few years and it all started with his break out song “Classic Man,” a track that had everyone buzzing about this new guy with the slick hair and well-tailored suits. Since then, he has emerged onto the scene not only as a lavishly-dressed guy, but one who has great musical talents in both rapping and singing. Not to mention, he been getting a lot of help from Wondaland label boss, fellow artist and mentor Janelle Monae.

Jidenna’s debut album The Chief dropped on Feb. 17 and has been received well by his fans. Although the "Classic Man" musician is still building himself as an artist, he's made a pretty good impression on the critics and music lovers.

Check out his performance below.

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