Jeleel! is lucky to be alive after recently plunging headfirst off a 40-foot ramp during a failed bike jump.

Jeleel! Has Terrifying Fall From Bike Ramp

On Oct. 28, stunt group Nitro Circus held an event in Anaheim, Calif. as part of their 20th anniversary tour. Rapper Jeleel! was a guest performer at the event, where he attempted to ride a bike down a 40-foot ramp. However, his stunt did not go as planned. In video of the event, which can be seen below, Jeleel! comes down the ramp at the wrong angle and goes off the side before he gets halfway down. He smacks the ground at a high rate of speed and appears to be concussed.

The crowd lets out a collective gasp. The announcer exclaims, "Oh my God," while someone goes over to try and help Jeleel!

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Jeleel! Updates Fans After Fall

On Sunday (Oct. 29), Jeleel! hopped on Instagram to let fans know he is OK. The rapper shared a photo of himself flexing. A large bloody scrape can be seen on his abdomen. His bottom lip is busted badly. Nevertheless, he puts on a huge smile in the photo.

"I’m good y’all!" he captioned the pic. "Appreciate everyone’s concerns, walked out the hospital with a few stitches! Alhumdullilah!"

He shared the same photo on X, formerly known as Twitter, along with the caption, "Y’all know I’m a superhero c’mon now."

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Watch Jeleel!'s terrifying fall below.

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