Jean Grae appeared on an episode of CBS' 2 Broke Girls last night (Feb. 9).

The Blacksmith/Warner Bros signee guest starred on the hilarious sitcom, playing a prison inmate named Tenaya. In the “And The Crime Ring" episode, the show's two starring characters get arrested and end up in the same jail as the New York MC. In a Orange is the New Black manner, Tenaya helps run a prison talent show. Check out the clip above.

While speaking with watchLOUD, the #5 rapper dished on how she landed the role on 2 Broke Girls. She was connected to the series' writer Morgan Murphy through producer and battle rapper Jensen Kar, and the two hit it off. "I feel like when you find the other mutants and you meet them you kind of just know, ‘oh, it’s you,'" said Grae when talking about their instant connection.

In addition to sitcom appearances, Grae is also working on her upcoming LP, Cake or Death. Grae released an amazing video a few months ago. The self-directed VHS-like visual for “underneathu,” a standout song from her recent EP, creates a fictional late-’80s public access TV show. She enlists her friends-which included Quelle Chris as Walt Chocolate—and collaborators as a band called The Everybody’s Pregnant, and croons menacingly about ripping off her skirt. And it works.

Set on a Black Power-themed daytime talk show called Perspectives On Perspectives (hosted by a white guy named Chip Vanderhoeff III). Watch the video here.