Jas Prince is still looking for a paycheck from Birdman and Cash Money, though according to recent reports, he's changing the venue. According to TMZ, Prince dismissed a previous Florida-based lawsuit against the label only because he intended to refile in New York.

Prince is seeking upwards of $11 millions dollars for bringing Drake to Cash Money. Prince is credited for first signing Drake to Aspire Music Group. While talks of a settlement surfaced the other week, it seems all negotiations have ceased, as Prince moves forward with this new suit.

The tussling only adds to an already messy Cash Money picture that has Lil Wayne displeased with the label and its shot caller, and reports that the label owes other acts, like Drake and Nicki Minaj. It's a tangled legal battle for the label, with an end not yet in sight. We will continue to update this story has developments are made, though all signs point to a lengthy legal battle.