J Hus has signed a deal with Epic Records. The London rapper will release his debut album Common Sense through Black Butter Records and Epic Records. The LP is scheduled to drop on Friday (May 12). You can pre-order the album now on iTunes and get instant access to three songs: the title track, "Did You See" and "Friendly."

Earlier this year, J Hus was featured in XXL's look at the 10 U.K. rappers you should get to know. The MC was featured alongside artists such as Nadia Rose, Loyle Carner and Avelino. XXL's Nikita Rathod referred to J Hus as "an artist meshing together afrobeats, reggae and grime all into one sound."

J Hus has also unveiled the official tracklist for his album ahead of its release. The British artist's Common Sense will features 17 tracks with guest appearances by MoStack, Burna Boy, Tigg Da Author and MIST, who was also featured on XXL's list of 10 U.K. rappers you should know.

Check out the tracklist for Common Sense below. Also make sure to watch the new documentary LDN to learn more about J Hus and the entire London rap scene.

J Hus' Common Sense Tracklist

1. "Common Sense"
2. "Bouff Daddy"
3. "Clartin"
4. "Leave Me"
5. "Closed Doors"
6. "Did You See"
7. "Like Your Style"
8. "Plottin"
9. "Sweet Cheeks"
10. "Fisherman" Feat. MIST and MoStack
11. "Good Time" Feat. Burna Boy
12. "Spirit"
13. "Mash Up" Feat. MoStack
14. "Goodies"
15. "Good Luck Chale" Feat. Tiggs Da Author
16. "Who You Are"
17. "Friendly"

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