J Hus has been sentenced to eight months in jail for carrying a knife in London, according to BBC News.

Judge Sandy Canavan of the Snaresbrook Crown Court handed down the decision after hearing the facts in the case. J Hus, whose real name is Momodou Jallow, apologized to the court and told the judge that he “fully accepted his actions were careless.”

The case stems from a June 2018 traffic incident where police stopped the rapper’s car at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, East London.

Upon further inspection, cops discovered a knife and subsequently arrested J Hus. The Big Spang MC initially pled not guilty to carrying a lock knife in a public space back in October. But at his hearing, he confessed to carrying the knife.

Judge Canavan told the rapper he was a "role model to many" but "failed" to leave his past behind him. "This, in such a young life, is the fourth occasion when you have gone out armed with a knife,” she said.

J Hus’ criminal record was also read during the hearing and it included six prior convictions for 10 violations between 2011 and 2016, including possession of a knife. He also has convictions for violent disorder as well.

The rapper’s attorney, Henry Blaxland read a letter on behalf of the rapper who was present in the courtroom. He told the court that his client’s decision to carry a knife was "ill-advised" and "utterly stupid", adding, "I was not in the right state of mind."
"I'm deeply sorry and regret my foolish actions."

Blaxland also added that J Hus had been seeing a therapist and has mild PTSD from previously being stabbed himself.

J Hus showed no emotion after the judge’s verdict and while he was escorted out of the courtroom.

Eight months in jail might be a harsh penalty for simply carrying a knife in public, but London doesn’t play around when it comes to weapons possession. Hopefully, this will be a learning lesson for J Hus and he will come out a better man after his jail sentence.

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