And just like that, #Boosiespeaks is over. The Trill Ent. artist was down in New Orleans at the W for a press conference where he addressed a myriad of topics and questions. The moderator was Power 105.1?s The Breakfast Club very own Angela Yee. Before the press conference, Boosie spoke to XXL exclusively for his first post-prison interview where he spoke about his release, getting butterflies before being set free and meeting his family and friends outside the walls.

During the conference, a lot of things happened. Here is what we noticed.



Lil Boosie's Mother, Jeezy, Bun B And Webbie All Spoke At The Conference

Bun B was the first artist to speak and he preached that the release of Lil Boosie was a big day for Hip-Hop. "You'd be surprised how many people don't want black men to come home from prison," says Bun B. "If you keep it real with the people they will wait for you!" Jeezy also spoke on how Boosie never let the system break him. "Every time I talked to him, he was in the highest spirits." The most touching words came from Boosie's mother, Connie Hatch who's been a fixture at his trial. She thanked all the supporters of her son  "I just want to thank everybody, all the supporters, everybody that helped us, but most of all give praises to God... I want to say thank you, because everything is moving out in the right direction." Last but not least was Webbie who's always entertaining gave a pretty emotional speech saying that he remembers telling Boosie "I talked to God. You just be ready when you get here."

Lil Boosie Would Like To Work With Justin Bieber

Pretty self-explanatory and pretty scary at the same time.

Lil Boosie's Lawyers Update Fans On His Legal Situations

Lil Boosie's lawyers updated fans on his legal situation. They state that Boosie has served all his jail time for his criminal offenses and will remain on probation potentially as long as 4 more years. He has a standard hearing this Thursday. He was scheduled to be released in November but due to the programs he completed, he got out early. Boosie on the amount of release dates that's been reported "They said I had more release dates than Jordan."

Social Media Made Lil Boosie Bigger Than What He Was Before Jail

Lil Boosie credits social media as the reason why he's bigger now than what he was before his prison stint.

Lil Boosie Loves His 7 Kids

The first thing Boosie did when he got out was to pick his kids up from school and play with them in his hotel. When Angela Yee asked him how many kids does he have, Boosie reply "A football team." He would immediately say he has seven kids.

Lil Boosie Has A Ton Of New Music On The Way

As soon Lil Boosie got out, new music began to creep up online. He released two freestyles, “Same Game” Featuring TD Mr.Fox 5 & Mandigo, “Wartime” featuring Webbie (which he recorded before his jail stint) and just recently “Came2DaCan” featuring C-Murder. He previewed new music plus hinted at a possible follow-up to Gangsta Musik. Just how much music does he have in the bank? Boosie states that he wrote 1,018 songs while he was in jail. He's currently working on his new album and is already spotted in the studio with Jeezy. When asked about a possible collaboration tape with C-Murder, Boosie says that he's focused on his music now and that could be something possible in the future.

Jail Made Lil Boosie A Better Man

Lil Boosie says that jail made him a better artist and person. "My music has always been based off telling stories," says Boosie. "Now I got a lot more stories to tell."

Lil Boosie Has A Book And Movie Coming Out

Enough said