Some of these artists you may have heard of and some will be new to you. Some of these artists are kinda sorta signed. But ALL of them are buzzing. Independence never sounded so good. If you think I forgot somebody or need to be up on something (don't put yourself!), feel free to leave the myspace page in the comment section.

I didn't leave any zshare links because they're independent. Go support!

1) Jae Millz – Holla At A Playa (Harlem)

Jae Millz

“I went independent/fuck hollering for favors/now every major wanna holla at a playa”

If Millz keeps going, this song will be the next "This Is Why I'm Hot"

2) Gorilla Zoe – Hood Figga (Atlanta)

"...And I never let a bitch Lil' Bow Wow me"

3) Gemini f/ Lupe Fiasco – We On (Chicago)

Gemini + Luoe

"'85 Bears...'92 Bulls...'05 Sox...With A Whole Lot Of Pull...All Rolled Up In And It's No Letting Up...If You're Smart You'd Want To Be The '07 Us"

4) Wale – Ice Cream Girl (Washington DC)

Kanye Minus The Beats + DC + Go-Go = Wale

5) Wes Fif + B.O.B. - Haterz (Orlando)


My anthem

6) The Cool Kids - A Little Bit Cooler (Chicago)

Cool Kids

Yeah they're cool and all, but I had those Cazal's like 18 months ago.

7) Jay Electronica (New Orleans)


The next artist in line for Justin Timberblaze. I've been checking for him since his Unsigned Hype article (when Unsigned Hype meant something)

8) Fly Society - Fresh (Los Angeles)


Curren$y's new LA skate super group

9) Esso - A Million Bucks (Harlem)


"its much more than 16's and 8's
name the last at the same stage u seen this great
whatup Bay? yaddamean its me
M-E over MP's is simply amazing"

10) Willie The Kid – Live At The Regal (Michigan)

Debut Album Coming Soon!!!!

I'm also fuckin' with:

Montana Da Mac - Rock On (Atlanta)

Jon Hope – Real Talk (Rhode Island)

Mickey Factz - Poison (Harlem)

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