As a rapper, style and approach matter. Asian-Canadian artist Honey C, formerly Honey Cocaine, just gets it, catching the attention of Tyga and Chris Brown with her YouTube remixes, and even ending up on tour with CB in the past. Her latest is video is for her song "No Time," which centers her as the star of her own crew.

The Rock Davis-directed video is dark, opening with shots of high-end cars preparing for a street race. In comes Honey C, adorned in pink, rapping in front of the other cars with her friends. It seems that she's running the operation, as she raps about how she's too busy for foolishness.

Honey is sure of herself, and it shows in her rhymes. "Young but I never been dumb/Broke and I'm never goin' back," she expresses without shame. "I just had to grow up fast/Facts!/Sick days, I ain't takin' no time off/Light one just to take my mind off."

The hook is strong too. Honey C means business: "Pour that shit one time for me/Light that shit one time for me/He be like "why you never got no time for me?"/Only one thing on my mind, honey."

Honey C's affiliates Tyga and Chris Brown have been busy, too. Tyga recently dropped the video for his song "Taste," which features Offset, and caught quite a famous cosign in the process. Meanwhile, Chris Brown was a guest during Future's set at Miami's Rolling Loud Festival a few weeks ago.

Check out the "No Time" video below.

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