XXL Executive Editor Jayson Rodriguez grew up watching the classic game show Hollywood Squares (J-Rod notes: specifically the third iteration of the show, from 1986-1989). Editorial Assistant Calvin Stovall wasn't even born when the show was in its heyday (Cal notes: I’m still kind of confused about the rules.) To bridge the gap (Hey, Nas!) they will watch MTV2's new take on the classic, Hip Hop Squares each week together and have a dialogue of the reinvented game show. Sorry we're a day late with this first one, it took longer than we thought to explain the rules to Calvin.

Calvin Stovall: I thought Joey Crack was gonna get up and smack the fire out of Mac when he told him to shut the fuck up in the beginning.

Jayson Rodriguez: I was at home and hid under my desk during that exchange.

CS: I want to shake the hand of whoever wrote that 50 Cent/Chelsea Handler question for Fat Joe.

JR: And Rosenberg toughed it out and actually asked the question—his legend begins.

CS: Tech N9ne got NO love from the contestants.

JR: I protest in silence over his slight.


JR: MGK is showing out.

CS: I think he senses Mac Miller stealing his fun-loving white boy shine.

JR: Can you imagine how Yelawolf feels?

CS: Mac’s not worried about it. Homie was FADED! What was that boy on?

JR: No, no, that was actually Ghost.

CS: Oh, word. I had to rewind when Ghost held his wrapped deli sandwich to the camera in one of the promos. I could have sworn it was a kilo of fishscale.

JR: I'll hit @BigGhostFase and see.

The Hands of Zeus: Son that soy milk be makin estrogen percolate in ya system n have you doin wild shit like cryin over some Wale bars...

CS: Speaking of estrogen, they should ask the bad Latina chick on the panel more questions.

JR: Said every man in America… The female contestant was nice too. Inqa?

CS: I’m worried that she thought “Thriller” cost more than “Scream.”

JR: Special effects do cost a bit more than monster make-up.

CS: Inflation alone…

JR: She's bad, she's bad...you know it.

CS: I do. But I’m still kind of confused about the rules-- they're always lying? Just sometimes? Does it even matter?

JR: I can't answer this without giving away my age!

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