Early this morning a Black activist, who has been identified as North Carolina resident Bree Newsome, 30, decided they were taking too long removing the Confederate flag from outside the South Carolina state house, so she gave them a hand. Newsome, who is apparently somewhat of a skilled climber, scaled the 30 foot pole, while police demanded she get down, until she reached her goal. "You come at me in the name of hatred, oppression and violence. I come at you in the name of God!," she screamed after pulling the flag free from its restraints. "This flag comes down today!"

Upon reaching the ground she was arrested and is now face charges of defacing a monument. Newsome's heroic effort was captured on cameras and is now the talk of the media sparking the hashtage #freebree.

Check out what the hip-hop community had to say about the woman's valiant deed, below.