Today, April 13, is the 22nd birthday of Atlanta rapper Uno The Activist. As part of the current generation of rappers who took off through streaming services, Uno is an artist who has truly evolved over time.

Born in Atlanta in 1996, Uno The Activist began to rap in high school, around ninth grade. As he got a little older, he took music more seriously, even being in a group with his cousin, Playboi Carti. His first dose of online traction came in 2015, with his song "Parkin' Lot Pimpin'," which currently has over 4 million streams on SoundCloud. His debut mixtape, No More Thotties, dropped later that year, followed by Gift of Gab in 2016. One of Uno's biggest looks also came in 2016; his feature verse on Playboi Carti's "What," a song that blew up almost immediately.

"What" is memorable due to its simple hook, and how it perfectly encapsulates the kind of music Carti and Uno were making at the time. The chorus, which is mostly the word "What" repeated, gives way to an absolutely crazy beat. Uno has the first verse, and doesn't waste the opportunity. "I don't give a fuck/ Keep that 40 tucked/Nigga try your luck," he threatens. "Nigga knuck, get bucked/Desert leave you stuck/And that choppa up."

The year 2017 saw the release of his project Live.Shyne.Die, showing off a polished and more complete Uno. This year, he remixed his nod to the star of D4L, "Fabo," by adding in a verse from Rich the Kid.

Happy birthday, Uno!

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