Yellow Nigga, a beat digger? Not really, homie. I'm just a grown man who enjoys the sounds that provide the beautiful backdrops to some of your favorite rap tunes. You see ever since the blessed day, my mello, my man Chairman Mao hipped your boy to the sampled crazed, breakbeat world of hip-hop, I've become a certified addict—addicted to music. If a producer looped it, chopped it or screwed it—I want it. Whether on vinyl, CD or MP3. Give up the goods—just step. I'm a fiend.

And, as we all know by now, Ghostface has returned with that crack, as the kids say. Few MC's have a finer taster's choice of picking the proper beats to back-up their formidable flows. Ghost is truly a soul baby and anything he busts his larynx over I must possess. It's the reason why I've feverishly over the past week been gathering all the songs that have been used in the creation of his latest incredible LP, Fishcale.

Enough talk already—listen to the music. Or play yourself and don't. I don't care. I got more records to buy on-line.

"The Return of Clyde Smith (Skit)"

Jack McDuff "Summer Dream" (1976)
(The idiots at Def Jam cleared the wrong song.)

"Shakey Dog"
(Produced by Lewis Parker)

The Dells "I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue" (1968)

"Kilo" featuring Raekwon
(Produced by MoSS)

Not Cleared. Ask O-Dub.

"9 Milli Bros." feat. Wu Tang Clan
(Produced by Metal Fingerz DOOM)

MF Doom "Fenugreek" (2002)

"Beauty Jackson"
(Produced by J Dilla)

The Three Degrees "Maybe" (1970)

"Crack Spot"
(Produced by Crackval From The Soulmates)

Freda Payne "Master of Love" (1978) (Idiots at Def Jam cleared wrong song—again. Not snitching, though—A. Posey and J. Powell still get paid.)

"R.A.G.U." feat. Raekwon
(Produced by Pete Rock)

The Delfonics "The Look of Love" (1968)

"Whip You With A Strap"
(Produced by J Dilla)

Luther Ingram "To the Other Man" (1972)

"Back Like That" feat. Ne-Yo
(Produced by Xtreme)

Willie Hutch "Baby Come Home" (1976)

"Be Easy" feat. Trife
(Produced by Pete Rock)

The Sylvers "Stay Away From Me" (1973)

"Jellyfish" feat. Theodore Unit
(Produced by Metal Fingerz DOOM)

Dennis Coffey "Never Can Say Goodbye" (1972)

Marvin Gaye "Let's Get It On" (1973)

Ray, Goodman & Brown "Special Lady" (1979)

"Dogs of War" feat. Raekwon & Theodore Unit
(Produced by Pete Rock)

Sly & the Family Stone "Family Affair" (1971)

(Produced by The Studio Beatz)

The Manhattans "You'd Better Believe It" (1973)

"Big Girl"
(Produced by Ghostface)

Not cleared. Ask Cam'Ron.

The Stylistics "You're A Big Girl Now" (1971)

(Produced by Metal Fingerz DOOM)

Bobbi Humphrey "Just A Love Child" (1973)

"Momma" feat. Megan Rochell
(Produced by Sean C & LV)

David Axelrod "Wandering Star" (1980)

P.S. My blog is better than yours. My mag is better than yours. I do both well and I'm still in charge. La la la la la. Sha from MTV. La la la la la. Don't you ever get mad at me.