After a sit-down with his label, Game says that his long-delayed fourth album, The R.E.D. Album, will see a late August release.

"I had a meeting with [Interscope head] Jimmy Iovine last week, and he told me the album was slated for the end of the summer, and it will not be pushed back any more than that,” The Game told Billboard. “So we're looking towards late August."

In the meantime, Game will release the video for the Lil Wayne collabo “Red Nation” next week. He described the downtown Los Angeles video shoot as “pandemonium.”

“It's like 'Mad Max' mixed with Nas' 'One Mic' video, where there's riots going on in the background," said Game. "We did this thing where I'm on top of a burning car rapping, and we had some flares and a lot of fire, fireworks and all of that. It's definitely the most fun video I've ever shot, and I think it'll be the best video I've ever shot to date."

Game’s last official release was 2008’s LAX. In January, he released the 29-track mixtape “Purp & Patron.” —Lauren Carter