freekyzeekey.jpgDiplomats Records President Ezekiel "Freekey Zekey" Jiles has inked a multi-million dollar deal with Asylum Records to distribute his solo debut album, The Book Of Ezekiel, in early 2007. After being shot in a botched robbery attempt in Manhattan in 2003, Jiles was taken into custody for a prior unresolved drug conviction in North Carolina and sentenced to 35 to 42 months. Upon his release on November 20th, Asylum Executives Todd Moscowitz and Joie "Joey I.E." Manda expressed interest in doing business with the Dipset crew member. After a sitdwon with Jiles and Dipset CEO Cam'ron, the deal was finalized. Jiles also has plans to launch Dipset South sometime in 2007, following the release of his solo project. Despite the name of the venture, Zekey has stated that the sound will not be limited to Southern artists. “When you say Dipset South, it's only because it's based there. We don't limit it to being in the South with Southern artists. Anything could happen—we could have country music or R&B or elevator music. It's worldwide, as far as a record label,” he commented. A Freekey Zekey solo mixtape project is also in the works for early 2007.