It's impossible to have conversations about legacy or longevity in the rap game without mention of Fat Joe, a.k.a. Joey Crack, a.k.a. Don Cartagena. It's been 23 years since his debut album, Represent, hit record store shelves nationwide and to say he's managed to stay relevant would be an understatement. His latest record, "All The Way Up," featuring Remy Ma and French Montana, took over the airwaves, and his upcoming joint album with Remy Ma has fans going ape with anticipation.

On the song "Dedication," off of his sophomore gem Jealous One's Envy, the Bronx native exclaims, "Fat Joe wouldn't be on if it wasn't for Red Alert." It would be because the legendary Kiss FM DJ who gave Joe his first introduction to NYC listeners with a radio promo in 1991. At that time, Joe was an original member of one of the most revered crews in hip-hop history, Diggin' In The Crates (D.I.T.C), which also featured the late Big L and producer Diamond [among others]. When L signed his deal, it led to a domino effect that eventually helped Joe ink a deal with Relativity Recordings—and the rest is history. He's released 10 studio albums, and was instrumental in the careers of DJ Khaled, the late Big Pun, Remy Ma, and the rest of the Terror Squad crew.

The fact that Fat Joe has managed to navigate through numerous eras of the development of hip-hop culture, and still be able to dominate airwaves 23 years later, is a testament to both his appeal and adaptability. A Grammy-nominated artist, hardcore sneaker head, one-time clothing designer, and former graf writer, he's a monument of where hip-hop's been and where it's going. Here at XXL, we've taken the liberty of combing his catalogue to bring you his top 25 songs—from "Flow Joe" to his present day hit. Sit back, relax and turn your volume "all the way up."

  • "Flow Joe"

    Fat Joe
  • "Watch the Sound"

    Fat Joe Featuring Diamond D and Grand Puba
  • "I'm Tryin to Tell Em'"

    Fat Joe
  • "Envy"

    Fat Joe
  • "Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)"

    Fat Joe
  • "Success"

    Fat Joe
  • "Don Cartagena"

    Fat Joe Featuring P. Diddy
  • "Firewater"

    Big Pun Featuring Big Pun and Raekwon
  • "John Blaze"

    Fat Joe Featuring Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss and Raekwon
  • "We Thuggin"

    Fat Joe Featuring R.Kelly
  • "What's Luv?"

    Fat Joe Featuring Ashanti
  • "Lean Back"

    Fat Joe Featuring Remy Ma
  • "Take a Look at My Life"

    Fat Joe
  • "I Make It Rain"

    Fat Joe Featuring Lil Wayne
  • "I Won't Tell"

    Fat Joe Featuring J.Holiday
  • "All I Need"

    Fat Joe Featuring Armaggedon and Tony Sunshine
  • "My Fofo"

    Fat Joe
  • "(HaHa) Slow Down"

    Fat Joe Featuring Jeezy and Diddy
  • "One"

    Fat Joe Featuring Akon
  • "Another Round"

    Fat Joe Featuring Chris Brown
  • "Get It Poppin'"

    Fat Joe Featuring Nelly
  • "About Money"

    Fat Joe Featuring Trey Songz
  • "Another Day"

    Fat Joe Featuring French Montana, Rick Ross and Tiara Thomas
  • "Stressin'"

    Fat Joe Featuring J. Lo
  • "All the Way Up"

    Fat Joe Featuring Remy Ma and French Montana

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